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Welcome to this blog series where I am looking at the careers of the ex-Beatles, by that I mean their post-Beatles careers, at present looking into their albums.

This is a blog where I will not be posting constantly, as it is also a blog where I am recording my own versions of songs from the albums, in most cases probably the entire album in fact.  This is a time-consuming project, and I wouldn't want to short change the material.  That said however, there are obviously songs where, even as a fan, I am not too keen on them.  I will be honest with my opinion and that may not of course be your opinion. That is why everybody is different.

Not every post will look at the material in the same way, but I will talk about every piece on the albums.

To start with I am looking at the career of Paul McCartney, mostly because there is a fantastic book available called The Paul McCartney Chord Songbook which, although not a complete set of his songs, it has a great deal of material in there which is helpful.  It is in reality just a book where each song features chord boxes for all the chords at the start of the section on each song, and then the lyrics with the chords written above them.  As my friend Matt Blick says about the Beatles Songbook, you have to have heard the songs to be able to follow them from the book.  It is, however, the most concise book out there.  The others, unfortunately, have not been treated to the same degree.  They will require internet searches or even, god forbid, learning them by ear from the recordings themselves.

Here is a list then of the posts;

Jul 17 2011 - Paul McCartney - McCartney (1970) Part One
The Lovely Linda/That Would Be Something/Valentine Day

Jul 25 2011 - Paul McCartney - McCartney (1970) Part Two
Every Night

Jul 25 2011 - Paul McCartney - McCartney (1970) Part Three
Hot As Sun

Aug 3 2011 - Paul McCartney - McCartney (1970) Part Four

Aug 12 2011 - Paul McCartney - McCartney (1970) Part Five
Man We Was Lonely

Sep 2 2011 - Paul McCartney - McCartney (1970) Part Six
Oo You

Sep 28 2011 - Paul McCartney - McCartney (1970) Part Seven
Momma Miss America

Oct 16 2011 - Paul McCartney - McCartney (1970) Part Eight
Teddy Boy

Nov 5 2011 - Paul McCartney - McCartney (1970) Part Nine
Maybe I'm Amazed

January 7 2012 - Paul McCartney - McCartney (1970) Part Ten
Kreen Akrore

January 7 2012 - Paul McCartney - McCartney (1970) Part Eleven
No songs, just a summary

January 24 2012 - 1970

February 4 2012 - Ringo Starr - Sentimental Journey (1970) Part One

February 23 2012 - Ringo Starr - Sentimental Journey (1970) Part Two

August 9 2012 - Link To Check Out

October 16 2012 - Ringo Starr - Beaucoups Of Blues (1970) Part One
Beaucoups of Blues / Love Don't Last Long / Fastest Growing Heartache In The West /
Without Her / Woman of the Night

January 15 2012 - Ringo Starr - Beaucoups of Blues (1970) Part Two
I'd Be Talking All The Time / $15 Draw / Wine, Women, And Loud Happy Songs /
I Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way

January 25 2012 - Ringo Starr - Beaucoups of Blues (1970) Part Three
Loser's Lounge / Waiting / Silent Homecoming /BONUS TRACK - Coochy Coochy /
BONUS TRACK - Nashville Jam

April 29 2013 - George Harrison - All Things Must Pass (1970) Part One